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Life insurance

PRULife Guard

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the financial burden of an untoward personal accident with a first-of-its-kind life insurance solution digitally at your fingertips.
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Product Benefits

Affordable and easy to buy
The life insurance fee starts for as low as 161,000 KIP, and you can choose coverage up to 90,000,000 KIP based on your needs. The life insurance payment may vary based on your selected plan and age.
Accidental death /Total Permanent Disability Benefits
The coverage amount is payable in case of accidental death or total and permanent disability or an accidental event due to a motorbike accident.
Accidental Hospitalization Support Allowance
A single payment coverage amount will be paid upon hospitalization due to an accident. Maximum of up to 3 Claims during the insurance coverage period.
Death Benefit
The coverage amount is payable to the beneficiary in any cause of death according to product terms and conditions*

How we can help you

Life is filled with uncertain things. When an unfortunate event happens, you must have financial protection for yourself and your loved ones at an affordable cost. Also, the underwriting process is more straightforward, and the claim process is more transparent.


Every small thing counts for the ones you love to show that you love them and care for them. Short-term one-year comprehensive protection with an affordable cost goes a long way to cover out-of-pocket expenses. Also, you can easily purchase it at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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Product base benefits
Choose the insurance coverage that meets your needs to protect yourself and your loved ones.
PRULife Guard Base Benefits Sliver Gold Diamond
Accidental death or Total Permanent Disability Benefits or 15.000.000 LAK 50.000.000 LAK 90.000.000 LAK
Death and Total Permanent Disability Benefit due to Motorcycle Accident 7.500.000 LAK 25.000.000 LAK 45.000.000 LAK
Death from any causes benefits 1.000.000 LAK 1.200.000 LAK 1.500.000 LAK
Accidental Hospitalization Support Allowance*** 350.000 LAK 450.000 LAK 550.000 LAK
Frequently asked questions about PRULife Guard
Here we answer some of the questions you have in mind.


  • What is PRULife Guard?
PRULife Guard is the one-year term life insurance coverage plan that covers death, Accident, and total and permanent disability benefits, including Personal accident benefits, as optional. PRULife Guard will help you protect your hospitalization bills depending on your selected package in case of hospitalization confinement due to an accident.
  • Who is eligible for PRULife Guard?
A resident in Lao PDR; 18-60 years old. Please check the current eligible age at the time of registration on the application form; the company deserve the right to change the eligible age anytime without prior notice.
  • How do I pay the insurance payment?
One-time (1) payment through our payment channels.
  • Is there a waiting period for personal accident coverage benefits?
There is no waiting period for Personal Accident coverage benefits, and we can provide you with insurance protection immediately.
  • Do I need to do a medical check-up?
You don’t need to do a medical check-up. We made our underwriting process simple.


Important Notes
Key information and disclaimers

* Accidental medical expense benefit is optional if you want to get protected, and it can be opted out based on your needs.

** One-time payment of coverage benefit will be paid upon hospitalization due to an accident and a maximum of 3 claims during the insurance coverage period.

*** The insurance payment is inclusive of the registration fee on the plan that you have chosen. The Freelook period, during which you can decide to terminate the plan and get a refund, will be 7 days from the acceptance of the life insurance plan. The insurance coverage is a one-year term plan and is not guaranteed renewable. All the payments shown in this brochure are in Lao KIP. The terms and conditions stated in this brochure are non-exhaustive. Please refer to the exact terms and conditions, specific details, and exclusions applicable to these insurance products in the insurance policy contract. 

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