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Graduates and Students Opportunities

Your rewarding career journey starts here with us.
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Our Management Trainee Program

At Prudential, we believe in empowering the younger generations to be future leaders of the industry. Our Management Trainee Program is specifically catered for fresh graduates with the aim of helping them to explore their inner potential and grow their skills professionally.

Who are we looking for?

Here are some of the qualities that would best fit the role.
Highly motivated candidates
Design for those who want to pursue a career in the global distribution insurance industry.
Potential to become future leaders
A desire to grow into future business leadership roles within the company.
Strong commitment to the work
A unique learning experience to fast track your career in the international work environment.
Management Trainee - 1st Batch

Management Trainee - 1st Batch

Ms. Palamee Luangsouvannavong

As a role of management trainee at Prudential, a place where there a lot of opportunities for me to challenge my capabilities, to grow, able to explore and contribute my ideas across all functions of the business and preparing myself for the future leader. Prudential have been challenging my capabilities since day one and enjoy every bit of it. I able to see the different dimensions of business and new ideas from the colleagues flowing around the organization which excites me all the time.
Management Trainee - 1st Batch Ms. Palamee Luangsouvannavong

Management Trainee - 1st Batch

Ms. Souphalack Phengkinglavong

By joining Management Trainee program, I am encouraged to fail and learn in order to improve myself constantly. Apart from this, I also get to develop my leadership skills especially in people and projects management. This is the place where I am not afraid to express my ideas and discuss the plans with other seniors, while simultaneously, being guided and supported by many highly experienced and empowered senior leaders.
Management Trainee - 1st Batch

Management Trainee - 1st Batch

Ms. Malisone Noymany

Prudential grants me an excellent opportunity to be part of an international environment surrounded by talented people with a comprehensive mindset. As a role of Management trainee, it empowers me to drive a significant project of the organization that helps me unlock new skills and maximize my capability. The most impressive part of being in Prudential is that it is a place for us to fearlessly fail to discover and learn from our mistakes, developing to enhance an outstanding leader in the future.
Management Trainee - 2nd Batch

Management Trainee - 2nd Batch

Ms. Silipapha Sysanonh

Prudential always encouraged us to learn things outside our field of focus. If you had something that you have to do, go get it done, but if you need help from somewhere, speak up. Becoming MT allowed me to learn how to be adaptable to my surrounding, to never be afraid to be the person who always try and do.