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Policy Payment

Learn more about our policy payment process from how to make your premium payment to how to reinstate your policy.
Lady visiting payment counter

How to pay?

You may choose to make your premium payment to us through these options.
Payment by standing order
You can pay your premiums through regular fixed payments with our bank partners.
Payment via Prudential service counter
You can pay your premiums by visiting Prudential's service counters or at the service counters of our bank partners.

Where can I pay?

Which ACLEDA Bank PLC (ABL) branches can I make my payment to?

You may make your payment at the following branches:

Prudential Laos - Vientiane region 



Head Quarter

Vientiane Center Office Building 5th floor, Nongchanh village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane Capital 


Dongpalan Road, Dongpaina Road, unit 21, Phonesavanh nuae Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital 


Thongkhankham Road, Unit 09, Thongtoum Village, Chanthabouly district, Vientiane Capital 


13 South Road, Unit 12, Donenoun Village, Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital 


13 North Road, Unit 08, Nongniew Village, Sikhodtanong district, Vientiane Capital 


Thadeau Road, Unit 11, Souanmone Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital 


Nongbone Road, Unit 06, Nongchan Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital 


Kamphangmuaeng Road, Unit 30, Thatlouangtai Village Xaythany district, Vientiane Capital 

Prudential Laos - North region



Louangnumtha Service Unit "A"

Unit 10, Nongbouavieng Village, Louangnamtha District, Louangnamtha Province 

Bokeo Service Unit "A"

Unit 42, Houaixaitai village, Houaixai District, Bokeo Province

Oudomxai Service Unit "A"

13 North Road, Unit 02, Vanghai Village, Xay District, Oudomxay Province 

Luangprabang Branch 

Unit 07, Sailom Village, Louangprabang district, Louangprabang Provinc

Xiengkhouang Service Unit "A"

Unit 04, Theun Village, Paek District, Louangprabang province 

Xayabouly Branch

04 Road, Unit 14, Simoungkhoun Village, Xayyabouly District, Xayyabouly Province 

Phonehong Service Unit "A"

13 North Road, Unit 03, Phonehong Village, Phonehong District, Vientiane

Vangvieng Service Unit "A"

No. 13 Neua Road, Unit 11, Vangvieng Village, Vangvieng District, Vientiane Province

Prudential Laos - South region 



Bolikhamxay Branch 

13 South Road, Unit 04, Myxay Village, Paksan District, Bolikhamxay Province

Khammouane Branch 

#124-125, 13 South Road, Unit 07, Noungbuakham Village, Thakhek District, Khammouane Province

Savannakhet Branch 

#010, Phorkaduad Road, Unit 01, Dongdamdouan Village, Kaysonephomvihane City, Savannakhet Province

Songkhone Branch 

#079, 13 South Road, Unit 06, Lakmeuang Village, Songkhone District, Savannakhet Province

Saravane Service Unit "A" ​

#19, Unit 01, No. 15 Road, Phonekeo village, Saravane District, Saravane Province

Sekong Service Unit "A" ​

#053, Unit 04, Watluang Village, Lamam District, Sekong Province

Champasak Branch

New Building, Unit 12, No.13 South Road, Phonesavanh Village, Pakse City, Champasak Province 

Attapeu Service Unit "A" ​

Unit 16, Vernkand Village, Samakhyxay District, Attapeu Province, Lao

Khongsedon Unit 

13 street, Khongnakhone, Khongnakhone village Khongsedon district, Saravan province

Outhoomphone Service Unit

#302, No.09 Road, Xayoudom Village, Outhoomphone District, Savannakhet

Which Banque Franco-Lao LTD (BFL) bank branches can I make my payment to?

You may make your payment at the following branches:



Head Office 

Lanexang, Hatsady, Chanthabouly, Vientiane Capital


Lao- Thai, Saphanthong, Sisattanak, Vientiane Capital


Sisavangvong, Xiengmouan, Loungprabang, Loungprabang


No 13, Thalouang, Pakse City, Champasak


Haisok, Sisattanak, Vietiane Capital


T2, Nakham, Sikhodtabong, Vietiane Capital


Kamphangmuaeng, Phonethan, Xaysetha, Vietiane Capital


Sethathilath, Xiengyeun, Chanthabouly, Vietiane Capital

Which Maruhan Japan Bank Lao (MJBL) bank branches can I make my payment to?

You may make your payment at the following branches:



Head office

23 Signha, Phonesay, Saysetha, Vietiane Capital

How to reinstate your policy?

You can easily reinstate your policy through these 3 simple steps.
Check your outstanding premium amount
You can easily access our services by contacting +856 21 211 123 to check your outstanding premium amount.
Submit Reinstatement Request Form
You can fill up the Reinstatement Request Form and visit the nearest Prudential counter service to submit the form.
Pay your outstanding premium
You can pay your outstanding premium at any Prudential counter service. Paying your premium on time ensures the policy continues and keeps you and your family protected.