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Our Claims Promise

A Prudential policy protects you and your family during life’s difficult moments. We pay your claim as quickly as possible and with compassion and care. We make it simple and easy, and only ask for necessary information.
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How can PRU deliver



Our Approach

Our claim process is simple and transparent. Our staff and agents are professionally trained to support you in a personal, customer friendly manner.

When you make a claim

We assess and pay each genuine claim promptly. We only ask for relevant information and give you updates on your claims progress when you need them. We explain our decisions simply and clearly.

Our Commitments

We handle each claim as soon as we receive it and will keep you informed of its progress. We deliver to the following service standards: Send acknowledgment receipt within “3” days after Claim registration date, send request for additional documents within “3” days, send claim decision and claim payment by “30” days after Claim registration date.
Communication with Care
We let you know when we receive your claim, require additional documents and outcome of your claim. Our staff and agent are professionally trained to guide you whenever you need help.
Customer Experience
Your feedback is important to help us serve you better. If you have a complaint, we will deal with it seriously.

We understand your claim is important to you. We treat every customer fairly. We ensure our claims process is clear, transparent, and without customer bias.
We take your privacy seriously and will protect it at all times.