PRUlife Protect

The PRUlife Protect is a long-term life insurance plan which offers life insurance coverage plus supplementary savings. The plan consists of two elements: “Protection” and “Saving”. The first element protects your loved ones against the financial impact of mishap whilst the second element allows you to save up a lump sum for future purpose when the plan matures.


The first step in taking out a new plan is to consider the desired level of life insurance protection you want to provide to your loved ones. A range of premium durations are available to suit your financial needs.


The Benefits


  1. If the insured person dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled during the duration of the plan, Prudential guarantees to pay out between 150% - 200% of the total annual premiums you have paid over the policy term. In case an insured event occurs due to an accident, Prudential will pay out between 300% - 400% of the total annual premiums paid over the policy term*.
  2. If there is no claim until the end of the plan, you will receive back from Prudential all the premiums you have paid plus an additional Maturity Bonus.


*Please refer to the full details of the policy terms and conditions.


Benefits Illustration


Laos_PRUmy family_1st

Premium Payment Term Options


Maturity Benefit

Based on policy term and assuming no insurance benefit has been claimed

Laos_PRUmy family_4th

Flexible Premium Payment Frequency

Product Details

Minimum Sum Assured

LAK 60,000,000

Maximum Sum Assured

Subject to underwriting conditions

Policy Term
10 years 12 years 15 years
Age (last birthday) at Entry
18 – 50 18 – 48 18 – 45
Maturity Benefit (% of all premiums paid)
105% 108% 110%
Death or Total Permanent Disability

150% - 200% of total annual premiums paid over the policy term

Death due to Accident*

300% - 400% of total annual premiums paid over the policy term

Premium Payment Mode

Annual/Semi-annual: Non Cash/Cash; Monthly – Non Cash (Standing Order);

Surrender Benefit

From 3rd year onwards

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